Personal Information Management (RUDAI Thing #14)

I have always practiced some kind of personal information management. My usual ways of doing that have been Diigo (to keep links to useful webpages, although I rarely use it nowadays), the Notes app on my tablet (e.g. I save recipes there), and OneNote (mainly used at work to keep notes I would need in the future).

I downloaded the Evernote app on my tablet a few months ago, but I hadn't given it much thought until the RUDAI post and task #14 popped up. I had experimented a bit with it in the beginning and I keep the instruction manual of the washing machine in it, but now I think I can expand my storage options with it.

For example, I use to take snap shots of information I find on the internet or on e-magazines and e-books - all these go to the Photos folder on the tablet with the not so pleasant result of clattering the space. I usually end up having all sorts of stuff scattered among the photographs: quotes, advertisements, books-to-read lists, city maps, etc. Quite frustrating to be honest. 

So, RUDAI gave me the idea to organise this material on Evernote. The app offers a good searching capability, marking notes as shortcuts for easy retrieval, tags, etc. and I have the ability to store snap shots, URLs and online content directly on the app. Of course its storage has a limit and it would need to be upgraded, but until then I think I will enjoy having it as an alternative to my never-ending note taking. 


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